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News Events

Annual Picnic Festival
Our fifth annual picnic was held on May 28th. We had over 100 people in attendance to enjoy a wonderful selection of food and games. Everyone had a great time. We are already looking forward to next year's event.

Congratulations to the Thompson Family on the birth of their baby girl, Angelica.

Congratulations to Alfredo and Rosie Ramos. They were married on June 1st. We wish them a happy and bright future together.

Special Visits
We are currently arranging a series of guest speakers for the Johnny Angel Ministry.  We will post the guest roster as soon as the speakers have been finalized.  We are excited to have many honored guests join us!

Summer Food Drive
This fall we will be organizing a food drive. Volunteers are needed. Check back for more information.

Monday Movie Night
Our next Monday Movie Night will take in September. Check back for our fall schedule.

An Evening with Johnny Angel
An evening with Johnny Angel was held on Saturday, June 21st at 6:00PM.  We anticipate adding footage from this event in the near future.

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